Hi-Tech Dentistry

Cosmodent Clinic is committed to providing each patient with an exceptional level of care and attention. Our dedicated friendly staff works together as a team to provide high-quality comprehensive care.Read more

hi tech dentistry


Teeth that are crooked, crowded, or that stick out affect the way your teeth look and work. Orthodontic treatment not only improves the look of your smile but your health as well Read more



Dental implants are today’s best replacement alternative to missing teeth in terms of form, function and aestheticsRead more


Teeth Jewellery

is the latest thing to add a sparkle to your dazzling whites, Are you looking for adding a spark to your personality? Then get chasing the latest trend which is to add a 'sparkle' to your teeth. Read more

Teeth Jewellery

Smile Make Over

Is there anything you wish you could change about your smile? Have you always hoped your teeth could be a little longer, straighter, or much whiter? With a smile makeover, you can choose to improve several aspects of your teeth and finally have your dream smile.
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The invisalign system is a series of custom made, virtually invisible aligners, these can be used to treat many common dental issues without brackets & metal wires like gaps, crowding, underbite, overbite, crossbite etc.Read more


Welcome to Our Clinic

Come see us if you are in pain, missing a tooth, or just need a tune-up for a healthy smile. And, if you have avoided the dentist due to fear, embarrassment, or time – come to us. Cosmodent clinic is a relaxing, comforting, non-judgmental place for all your dental needs.
Cosmodent general services are therapeutic, relaxing, and done with your best interest in mind. Our treatments for oral diseases and preventive care for resisting major dental problems are both affordable and effective. We take the time to educate you on your dental health, and our quick procedures assure you a healthy and beautiful smile.
Cosmodent offers many affordable cosmetic dentistry services including implants, fillings, veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, bonding, and more that will give you a better smile today. Our doctors will discuss with you your treatment plan based on what is best for your unique situation. We will work together to give you a smile you can be confident in!
Our dental offices are equipped with the latest technology and expert staff to handle root canals, dentures, invisalign, oral surgery, and more. As a top dental organization, we are known for our personalized patient care, innovative techniques, and minimally invasive dentistry services.

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