Add Ons

Value added services

1. Complimentary Spa
In an effort to create a tranquil and pleasant experience, Included in your every visit is an access to our complimentary spa amenities while your smile and health is getting enhanced Upon entering the doorway, you will hear relishing soft music, Humidifiers, whisperings of cascading waters, Aquarium, savory & timeless elegance and a tranquil décor will unfold before your eyes As a protocol, we only see patients by appointments but procedures are time consuming and might extend over stipulated appointment time Spa reduces the frustration & fatigue of waiting and makes your visit pleasant and delightful. The soothing and refreshing effect of spa relaxes and reduces anxiety, fears associated with treatments You can even electively avail these facilities every visit by coming 15 - 30 mins before your specified appointment time.

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  • Hot Refreshments
  • Coffee
  • Tea, Tomato soup
  • Cold Refreshments
  • Fruit juice, Soft drinks, Diet coke
  • Snack refreshments
  • Cookies, Cakes, Chocolates
  • Other SPA Services
  • Free Internet Browsing (WiFi) with I pad / your own device
  • Personalized flat LED TVs with channel of ur preference
  • Personalized music with I pod and ear phones
  • Noise cancellation Headphones from BOSE
  • Cold Face mask / Eye shades with aloe Vera
  • Aromatherapy / Melon Candles
  • Multiple mode Massage chair with heat pads
  • Personalized Stress relieving T.E.N.S in specific painful areas

2. Sleep Dentistry
Cosmodent facility is purpose-built for sleep dentistry Having dental treatment while you are partially asleep is also known as Dental Conscious Sedation, Sleep Sedation, and Sedation Dentistry and involves
★ Nitrous oxide inhalation (laughing gas) anaesthesia
★ Oral pills (anti anxiety)
to induce sleep and reduce pain, awareness and recollection during dental procedures or oral surgery. In this way, it alleviates the fear, anxiety and discomfort that may often be associated with general and paediatric patients
Sleep dentistry is safe and highly effective making it a relaxing, comfortable and often enjoyable dental experience.

3. Patients safety is our utmost priority
Cosmodent clinics are equipped to use 3 step stages of infection control processes
(The most stringent sterilization standard in existence)
★ Proper cleaning and decontamination – By Ultrasonic cleansers with temp control Chemical solvents & sprays
★ European standard 'ClassB' (Dick & Bow test qualified) Autoclave Every instrument undergoes a rigorous 3 cycles under absolute vaccum & takes approx 2 hours
★ Sterile packaging delivery from autoclave including handpieces, scaler tips and even routine diagnostic instruments Class B autoclaves incorporate better steam penetration through fractionated pre-vacuum technology and can be used for every type of Wrapped/porous/hollow/textiles/dressing loads These Autoclaves incorporate an innovative microprocessor controlled system that provides closed-loop control and monitoring of the sterilisation cycle. A full range of autoclave cycles are able to be selected to suit the infection control protocols of every practice.
The benefits of a sterilization process can easily be lost if goods are not wrapped.
Logistics, transport and storage make it necessary to safely wrap high-level disinfected(washer-disinfected) items and this can only be achieved in a sterilization process for wrapped goods.

4. Pick up & drop / Valet Parking
Mumbai is a place where in driving,parking,chauffeur& convenience could be a major reason for neglecting or delaying health care We offer a free pick up from your building lobby to the center and drop off from the same in all areas of Powai & Chandivali Plz call 022/28477717 to avail the service
*Please note that this is a subject to availability and Appointment schedule in the center