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About Us

Introduction & philosophy

Dentistry has undergone tremendous changes over the past few years, moving on from “needs-based” where the dentist tells you what is required to a patient driven “wants-based” service, with a particular focus on cosmetic dentistry.
At the Dental Spa the most important thing we do is listen to you; your wishes and aspirations and then develop your individual treatment plan. We must clearly understand each other and work together to deliver oral health, function and aesthetics.
Dentistry can be a complex and technical business; at the Dental Spa we aim to achieve and maintain the highest standards of clinical and technical excellence, ensuring that we are caring for an individual person.

Practice Vision

Our aim is to achieve excellence in dentistry, using the best materials, best techniques and best practice, in an environment where all patients and staff are treated with dignity and respect, in a practice enjoyed by all.

Practice Philosophy

We believe that excellence in dentistry means meeting and then exceeding our patients’ expectations by providing the most personalised care possible in a comfortable and caring environment.
The practice is committed to carrying out ethical and necessary dental treatment to maintain oral health and provide patients with the smile and confidence they desire.
The practice will invest in, and develop all members of staff and encourage improved care and competence through continued learning.
The practice will deliver the highest possible standards of customer care in state of the art surgeries in safe surroundings.

Quality and accreditations
We are absolutely dedicated to providing dental and health care of the highest standard for all our patients. All treatments are clinically justified, appropriate and carried out with proper regard for your dignity and comfort – designed for you.

➜ Consult you about your dental treatment and care and ensure you are able to make informed decisions about your teeth and gums.
➜ Carry out a regular Oral Health Score – a unique method of assessing how your oral health is progressing, allowing you to monitor any changes over time.
➜ Record all essential information about your medical history, dental care and treatment and provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan.
➜ Provide you with patient information cards – to explain treatment options and why treatment may be required.
➜ Inviting feedback, views and opinions through regular and confidential patient surveys.

COSMODENT are registered and therefore licensed to provide services, by Absolute Quality Certification Pvt. Ltd. (Provider ID - 101310622), ISO 2001:9008 Certifiedand therefore meets the high standards required by this government regulatory body.

An Integrated approach of a team of Super specialists aimed to create a new bench mark in terms of quality Cosmetic and Dental care at multiple localities in Mumbai our core values add value and makes our facilities unique and on par with the best practices in international arena

Super Specialized Team
★ Integrated center with Inter disciplinary team work of experts
★ Treatment exclusivity by Masters for highest precision in results

World Class Enquipments
★ Imported from Germany, France, USA
★ Minimally invasive Dentistry by Lasers

Hitech Dental Imaging
★ 16 Modes panoramic imaging system
★ Digital RVG with CMOS sensor
★ Latest Port X X-ray system

Highest sterilization standards
★ Class B (Dick & Bow test qualified) autoclave
★ Ultrasonic cleansing System
★ Individualized sterile packaging system

95% Less Radiation / Exposure
★ No scattered radiation
★ Less exposure time
★ Latest sensor & IOPA system

Patient Comfort
★ Dental spa facility
★ Conscious sedation (Porter USA)
★ Relaxing Ambience
★ No Waiting Time
★ Painless Dentistry

Patient Comfort

  •   Relaxing Ambience
  •   No Waiting Time
  •   Painless Dentistry

Patient Safety

  •   No Scattered Radiation
  •   Less Exposure time
  •   Latest Sensor & IOPA System
  •   Ultrasonic Cleansing System
  •   Individualized Sterile Packaging System

World Class Enquipments

  •   Imported from Germany, France, USA
  •   Minimally invasive Dentistry by Lasers
  •   Latest Port X X-Ray
  •   Digital RVG with CMOS Sensor
  •   16 Modes Panoramic Imaging System

Super Specialized Team

  •   Integrated center with Inter disciplinary team work of experts
  •   Treatment exclusivity by Masters for highest precision in results

Hitech Dental Imaging

  •   16 Modes panoramic imaging system
  •   Digital RVG with CMOS sensor
  •   Latest Port X X-ray system

Minimum Radiation

  •   No scattered radiation
  •   Less exposure time
  •   Latest sensor & IOPA system